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How to make a paper longer?

How to make a paper longer? is a frequently asked question around the internet. People are wandering and  very interested in making their essays wider. Why? Because usually their teachers asking them to write at least 10000 words on certain topic. To begin with some topics are wide and interesting. However, some of them are really boring and  people who have money decide to order them from essay websites. If they order a text from a writer they will save their time and receive high-quality work for their money.
Usually, if the student works somewhere, it is cheaper for him/her to order texts from people who are writing essays and this is their main job. Also, commonly, writers have degrees of certain faculties. Maybe they are very experienced and know topic really well. Therefore you receive not just text, but a text is written by a specialist who does it as his main job.
The essays are quite cheap if we compare them to other works. For example, if you take your car to auto repair shop you will spend more money than if you order an essay on from essay writers. They make essays very wide and check it carefully for mistakes because they want you to become happy when you will read it.